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Constitutional Amendment vs. Comprehensive Legislation

I’d like to invite you to post your opinion on the most important topic in national politics right now:

Which is the best way of getting the corrupting influence of money out of politics?

To get the discussion started, please take a look at this post.

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Finally: A Real Solution to Restore True Democracy and Save Our Country

If you carefully research unbiased sources of information and look past all the media hype and political spin, you will find that there is a primary, root cause behind most of the major problems facing this country today. That root cause prohibits us from making progress on solving most of our other major problems. The root cause is the corrupting influence of Money in American Politics.

If we wait for politicians to voluntarily vote for a law to take away millions of dollars for their re-election campaigns, our country will continue to deteriorate. That means it is up to “We the People” to solve the problem. The time for complaining, wishing and hoping that someone else will take care of everything is over. We, in other words, YOU, need to take action NOW if you want to save your democracy and your country before it’s too late.

It’s not possible you say? Oh yes it is! In recent decades, millions of people around the world risked their lives just for the chance to have a democracy. Many of these movements succeeded against what seemed like insurmountable odds at the time. Many heroes died as patriots trying to make their country better. We still have the framework of a democracy in the USA. We don’t have to risk our lives to do our patriotic duty and restore a true democracy. FINALLY, a viable strategy has been developed that will restore true democracy and a government that will do what’s best for the USA and all of its citizens. The plan is called¬† the 20% Solution.


  1. Volunteer to help the MOP movement
  2. Pledge to vote only for candidates who pledge to support the MOP legislation
  3. Recruit other people to volunteer and pledge
  4. Contact MOP for help with starting a local group
  5. Visit and browse the MOP web site to find out about all the details


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