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If you are a contributor, please feel free to discuss MOP progress or how to support, grow and improve the MOP movement. You might also want to use this discussion to encourage others to take part in the MOP movement.

Other discussion topics that would be proper here include the general topics of why it is important to get money out of politics, how it can be done, what is being done about it, other movements like MOP and interesting related blogs and articles.

Here is some guidance for your posts:

  1. Make posts that will contribute to the MOP movement; make them constructive and courteous.
  2. Make sure to put your post in the proper category.
  3. If you’d like to refer to a long quote or an entire article, put a few key lines or the most important paragraph on this blog and then include a link to the rest of the article. This allows the reader to choose whether they want to scroll through the entire article or not.

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